Division of Clinical Research

Office of the Vice President and Innovation

Research teams are invited to submit position postings for research assistants via the VCU Student Opportunity Center (SOC).  

SOC allows you to more effectively share your research opportunity with aspiring undergraduate researchers while streamlining the recruitment and application review process on your behalf.  It also helps us identify the contributions you are making to experiential learning at VCU as a mentor, and allows us to link you and your students with on-campus safety and responsible conduct training, funding opportunities, and national research training programs.  

  1. Automated process will email you application materials that detail students’ interest in your research.
  2. Easily select your preferred students and connect with them for an interview.
  3. Engage your selected student(s) in a volunteer research internship or credit-bearing experience. 
  4. Please note that postings for paid Work Study Research Assistants at no cost to faculty will continue to be hosted by VCU Handshake and can be submitted here for Fall 2021.

If you would like additional information about SOC, feel free to contact my office directly at urop@vcu.edu.

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