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The 2021 VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund (also known as PeRQ) is now open for applications (see submission instructions through the link provided below). The Presidential Research Quest Fund’s goal is to afford all faculty an internal funding opportunity to support new, emerging, or continuing research and advance the Strategic Research Priorities Plan (SRPP) .

Research proposals that advance any discipline and area of research focus within each of the SRPP initiativesare appropriate for consideration. Requests for grant support may be based on a broad array of needs, ranging from impactful community research to pilot studies that would produce preliminary results on which external grant applications could be based. Proposed work that helps advance interdisciplinary research and inter-campus collaboration, as well as research that has the potential for translation to practice or market, as outlined in SRPP, is especially encouraged.

Proposals to the Fund are encouraged from all faculty regardless of current research support. Those investigators who have received prior internal funding from any University source, including PeRQ (faculty must wait 3 or 4 years, depending on rank, from the termination of their last PeRQ award to apply again), are also asked to document in their proposals how those funds have been leveraged to obtain extramural grants, awards, and/or other demonstrable measures of return on investment or impact.


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