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COVID-19 has created many challenges and opportunities for clinical research over the last several months. One has been setting up the VCUHS site monitors with virtual access to our patient’s records.  There now is a solution in Cerner that is working for VCUHS monitors. 

Now that it is known that the External Chart Auditor Cerner access role works, study teams should submit the patient data to HIM for the monitors.  This would eliminate the step of North 8 being the middle man or gatekeeper for this access. The study teams work directly with the monitors and know what they need and when.

Once the monitors have completed their required Cerner training and received their username/password, then the study teams can send a list to HIM for permissions. HIM is unable to give permissions until there is an active profile in Cerner. If HIM has questions about what is needed, they are communicating directly with the team. The access is granted for only 30 days, but can be extended, if needed, by emailing HIM. At this time, Roslyn Cooke, HIM manager, is the person who is assigning the permissions. 

North 8 will continue to process all monitor applications for VCUHS system access, including Cerner access requests. 

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