Virginia Catalyst Webinar

The Virginia Catalyst will host a free webinar in conjunction with Virginia Bio:

“Funding for Virginia Public-Private Biotech Partnerships…Come Learn How to Score and Win!”

Wednesday, April 22      Noon – 1:00 pm

Join us on Zoom at:

Panel members include:

  • Mike Grisham, President and CEO of Virginia Catalyst
  • Mickey Kim, former Senior Vice President, Research and Commercialization, Inova Translational Medicine Institute, Inova Health System
  • James Powers, Chairman and CEO, HemoShear Theapeutics, LLC
  • Thomas D. Roberts III, General Partner, Harbert Growth Partners, Harbert Management Corporation

Topics include:  

  • Timeline and how to apply for Virginia Catalyst Grant Round 11
  • How to score highly, get funding and position your company and research university for significant follow-on funding from large corporations, venture capitalists, DARPA, NIH and philanthropic foundations

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