TriNetX Upcoming Webinar: “Analysis of COVID-19 Outcomes Across Global Real-World Clinical Data”

Friday, April 24 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The TriNetX community of world-leading healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies are sharing real-time access to clinical data to fast track research and clinical trial opportunities for patients in pursuit of supportive, curative, and preventive therapies to treat COVID-19.

You are invited to see the latest, live comparative analysis of COVID-19 outcomes using real-world data from the TriNetX global health research network. The session will also highlight a European healthcare organization on the leading edge of COVID-19 research.


  • Review the impact of current COVID-19 treatments vs. outcomes in the real-world
  • Attain key inclusion/exclusion criteria to build a COVID-19 cohort across global real-world data
  • Learn how to compare cohorts for your own research projects
  • Gain insight from a leading European healthcare organization conducting COVID-19 research


  • Jennifer Stacey
    Vice President, Clinical Sciences TriNetX
  • Rutendo Kashambwa
    Senior Analyst, Clinical Sciences TriNetX
  • Zuzanna Drebert
    Data Integration Expert, Europe TriNetX

To register, click here.

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