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One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan

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2020 Topics

The One VCU Clinical Research Team Meetings have been very well received and will continue for the upcoming year. Over the past several months, a Clinical Research Coordinator Focus Group has been meeting and has provided the following topics of interest as suggestions for the monthly One VCU Clinical Research Teams Meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month at 9am (location is confirmed 1-2 weeks prior to each scheduled meeting):

  • Challenges and Tips for Conducting In-Patient Clinical Research
  • The Investigational Drug Service (IDS) – Vision, Guidelines, and Working Successfully with Research Teams
  • Recruitment Focus: Planning for Success
  • Learning from One Another: The PI and Research Coordinator Share their Perspectives
  • Off-Campus Approaches: Conducting research at NOW, Mayland, Stony Point, and other sites
  • Investigator-held INDs and IDEs: Resources for the Team
  • Mentorship and Other Professional and Leadership Development Opportunities for Coordinators

Clinical research coordinators and other clinical research professionals are encouraged to share ideas or suggestions for additional topics of interest by commenting directly on this blog post.

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