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OnCore training is easier to arrange than you might think.:

  • Send an email to oncore@vcu.edu
  • Complete the online registration form (sent to you): go.vcu.edu/oncorenewuser
  • Introductory/Initial training based upon your availability:
    • in person at our office in the Wright Center,
    • at an appropriate location (with a wall screen),
    • or via Zoom.
  • If there are several people who will perform the same function in the same department or on the same team, the training may be in a group format if desired. This is at the discretion and availability of each user. 
  • Training may be in the format of a “demonstration” or a “hands-on” tutorial using an actual protocol from their department or team in the OnCore TEST environment. The format of the session is at the discretion of each user to choose based on his/her learning preferences.
  • The user must have completed both CITI Biomedical Basic and CITI GCP training before access to any part of OnCore containing PHI will be granted.
  • After the new user has attended training and completed CITI, their account will be activated. 
  • Documents with step by step data requirements and instructions are also provided in the activation email
  • Training is emphasized to be ongoing. The initial session is merely the introduction. The user is encouraged to reach out for more instruction and assistance as it is needed.

There are some OnCore user roles that are quite limited in scope, and are view only or involve entry of information that does not contain PHI or actual “data” where we may substitute instruction documents for the requirement to meet for training. However, the option to meet either in person or via Zoom is always offered regardless of the user’s role.

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