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One VCU Clinical Research is partnering with VCU Health Marketing to develop a series of videos that are designed to help patients and families better understand what clinical research is and their role in the clinical research process.  The first in the series was the animated video entitled “What is Clinical Research” (https://www.vcuhealth.org/explore-vcu-health/research-and-clinical-trials/research). 

Our next entry is a series of videos of clinicians discussing their experience with clinical research and the important role it plays in health care.  Feel free to share the videos with patients, families, staff, or whoever can benefit from a better understanding of clinical research. 

Dr. Henry Rozycki – https://youtu.be/sEQIjaYoKpk

Dr. Berry Fowler – https://youtu.be/5W4Djy1eggg

Dr. Gerry Moeller – https://youtu.be/kydY5Ju1d7M

Dr. Arun Sanyal – https://youtu.be/mRKpfLwyhfo

Dr. Jonathan Isaacs  – https://youtu.be/rWcj6NQRLkw

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