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In follow-up to VCU Health notice issued on January 4, 2019 regarding uploading clinical trial consents into Cerner, this is a reminder of the established options available to transition signed consents into the patient medical record and one new option:

1.       You can create a pdf of the signed ICF and email it to and the CRU will upload the document into the patient’s Cerner consent folder; or

2.       Bring your signed ICF to the CRU and we will scan the document and upload into it into the patient’s Cerner consent folder.

3.       A third option is obtaining access to upload the consents into Cerner yourself.  To acquire this access, there are two required classes:

(a) GE-IDX Basics (RCT) and

(b) ImageNow Training (RCT)

Both classes are held from 8:30am – 12:00pm and at One Cap Square or Willow Lawn.  You can self-enroll through the Learning Exchange or we, on North 8, can help you register.  You must take GE-IDX Basics first, then ImageNow.  

Please remember that storage of the signed clinical research ICF in Cerner is good research practice and a Joint Commission requirement.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any CRU staff.

Thank you,


Mary P. Harmon, PhD

Director of Clinical Research

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

1300 E. Marshall Street

P.O. Box 981055

Richmond, Virginia 23298-0155

Phone: 804-628-7819

Cell: 804-337-6588

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