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Storage of the signed clinical research ICF in Cerner is good research practice and a Joint Commission requirement.  VCU Health understands that many research team professionals do not have the required access or necessary resources to fulfill this requirement. To that end, the CRU is pleased to offer assistance in the process.

Following are the options available:

  1. You can create a pdf of the signed ICF and email it to and the CRU will upload the document into the patient’s Cerner consent folder; or
  2. Bring your signed ICF to the CRU and we will scan the document and upload into it into the patient’s Cerner consent folder.

This assistance is also available to address backlogs in uploading Informed Consent Documents into Cerner. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any VCU Health Clinical Research Unit staff or contact Mary Harmon, Director of Clinical Research, VCU Health System (Phone: 804-628-7819; Cell: 804-337-6588;

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