Clinical Trial Administration Service Center and Fees

A new VCU Research Compliance Notice has been posted (17.006.1 Clinical Trial Administration Service Center and Fees):

Effective July 1, 2017, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will assess applicable administrative fees to all corporate-initiated and corporate-sponsored clinical trials. This program will be administered by the Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research (Wright Center) based on documentation provided by the School of Medicine (SOM) and Massey Cancer Center (MCC), the two groups currently approved to provide such services.

The primary objectives for establishing this service center are to: 1) Establish consistent base line rates to increase efficiency in negotiation with sponsors, and 2) Establish an internal cost recovery mechanism to ensure costs recovered under the standardized fees are distributed to the appropriate groups performing the activity. 3) Ensure compliance with requirements outlined in VCU Compliance Notice 15-014, “Full Cost Recovery Guidelines for Clinical Research Studies Initiated and Sponsored by Industry.”

For additional information, please review Compliance Notice 17.006.1.

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