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Michael Rao, Ph.D.

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In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Trump’s travel ban, we are carefully examining the impact on VCU and those we serve. We are also working to assist members of our community who the ban may affect.

VCU enrolls students from many of the seven nations listed in the president’s order. Most are currently in their home nations for summer break. While they can return this fall with student visas, many have expressed concern about family members’ prohibition from traveling to Richmond, including for university events such as commencement. The Global Education Office is available to provide information and support to students affected by the travel ban and can be reached at or 804-828-8471.

Additionally, 40 current VCU employees are citizens of these nations and may face restrictions on their abilities to travel to and from the United States. The Office of Human Resources can provide information and support to VCU employees and can be reached at 804-828-0177.

The ban may also affect some residents, fellows and others clinical providers at VCU Medical Center. We are assessing potential impacts on our healthcare mission. Any affected residents or fellows may contact Brian Aboff ( Other clinical providers or employees may contact VCU Health human resources at 804-628-4748 or 804-989-4748.

VCU fully supports every member of our community, regardless of citizenship, national origin, race, ethnicity or religion. We are an internationally premier research university with a world-class medical center precisely because we attract the very best talent from more than 100 nations, scholars who are drawn to us because we work to advance the human experience everywhere. We pursue this mission boldly and embody our core values of diversity, inclusion and respect for all people.

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