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The Faculty Teaching Excellence Award is given annually to a faculty member in the School of Pharmacy who is recognized as an outstanding teacher/educator.

As a teacher, the individual successfully stimulates student intellectual achievement through superior communication skills, interpersonal rapport, and mentorship. The recipient of this award enthusiastically relates information in all instructional situations, displaying outstanding scholarship and cogent organization.  The exemplary educator respects students, knows many by name and history, promotes their critical thinking, and inspires students of all abilities to extraordinary accomplishment. As an educator, the individual is widely recognized for educational leadership and academic inquiry. The faculty member supports the educational excellence of colleagues, and embodies a spirit of instructional innovation.

Four outstanding faculty members will be recognized based on the votes from each class P1-P3 (classes of 2021, 2022, 2023) and the SOP graduate students. Each student may only vote once. 

The deadline for voting is Monday, April 20, by midnight.Please vote here.

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