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Auxiliary Label is a student-created blog examining pharmacy life, education and research at the VCU School of Pharmacy from a student perspective. It is overseen by Greg Weatherford, the school’s director of communications. Contact him here.


Nicole Carter has a BS in biochemistry with a minor in biology from Old Dominion University. She is currently pursuing her Pharm.D. from VCU. Her interests include ambulatory care, entrepreneurial pharmacy and horror films.

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Torey Hammond is a third-year pharmacy student who studied at VCU before attending pharmacy school. Her interests include public health, geriatrics and cats.

Michael Ong, a third-year pharmacy student, is a graduate of Bucknell University and Virginia Commonwealth University with degrees in psychology and chemistry. His interests in pharmacy include public health and global health.

Christian Ruiz  is a third-year Pharm.D. student who majored in chemistry and minored in music and biology at VCU. His interests include emergency medicine, critical care and fishing.


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