Social Justice in Disability and Health Lab

We apply multicultural theory to the healthcare system to determine how to eliminate rehabilitation and health disparities in the context of disabilities and chronic health conditions.

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Dr. Paul Perrin

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Doctoral Students

Carmen Tyler (4th year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Carmen’s research focuses on older adults with neurological conditions and informal caregiving.

Chimdindu Ohayagha (3rd year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Chimmy’s research focuses on disability rehabilitation and adjustment. In particular, she is interested in traumatic brain injury and neurological conditions in racial/ethnic minority populations, African populations, and underserved global regions

Jack Watson (2nd year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Jack has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Medieval Studies and English. His research interests include psychological adaptation to disability and caregiving. He is also interested in deep forms of concentration and how they affect the neuroplasticity of the brain.