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Dr. Paul Perrin

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Grace Boyers McKee

Grace McKee, PhD, is a MIRECC Advanced Psychology Fellow at the Central Virginia VA Health Care System. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from Southern Methodist University and completed her predoctoral internship at the Charleston Consortium. She is pursuing additional research training in clinical psychology and health services utilization. She is particularly interested in couples and family services within the VA system and factors impacting service quality and access to care.

Current Doctoral Students

Brad Pierce (6th year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Brad’s research is focused on ways technology can enhance or influence psychological interventions. This includes developing and refining interventions that utilize computer networks to connect rural populations with mental health professionals. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers are most often located within high-population, affluent, urban areas, and large cities with one or more major universities. Meanwhile, approximately 36% of veterans and 20% of the total U.S. population reside within rural communities. These factors result in inadequate or non-existent mental health services for nearly 60 million people across the United States. Telepsychology can help therapists reach out to rural populations.

Mickeal Pugh (4th year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Mike’s research focuses on the development of culturally sensitive neuropsychological assessments and norms for diverse populations with neurological impairments.

Carmen Tyler (3rd year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Carmen’s research focuses on older adults with neurological conditions and informal caregiving.

Chimdindu Ohayagha (2nd year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Chimmy’s research focuses on disability rehabilitation and adjustment. In particular, she is interested in traumatic brain injury and neurological conditions in racial/ethnic minority populations, African populations, and underserved global regions

Jack Watson (1st year, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program)

Jack has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Medieval Studies and English. His research interests include psychological adaptation to disability and caregiving. He is also interested in deep forms of concentration and how they affect the neuroplasticity of the brain.