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  1. Why are parking rates increasing?

As an auxiliary entity, the primary source of parking revenue is through permit sales. We rely on this income stream to support all parking operations, maintenance and debt service for new construction. In May 2022, we proposed an average 2 percent increase for student and employee parking rates for FY22-23. For employees, this translates to an additional $2 per month for standard permits and $5 per semester for adjunct permits. Students can expect an additional $5 per semester for commuter permits and $9 per semester for 6-month housing permits. 

The single-use daily permit will also increase from $6 to $8.

2. What is the total price I can expect to pay for my permit for the upcoming fiscal year?

The new rate structures for faculty, staff and students can be found online at

3. What did last year’s (FY2021) increase support?

Due to the pandemic, several service improvement investments planned for the year were postponed. However, we fulfilled all of the maintenance work revealed in recent deck assessments for up to three years, launched a new mobile payment solution, and resealed and/or restriped 10 surface lot facilities on the Monroe Park Campus. In June, we completed renovations on D Deck. 

4. What will the FY2022-23 rate increase fund?

The increase will sustain annual operating expenses, such as security and enforcement, ongoing maintenance, lease increases, equipment and increasing operational costs, in addition to the following projects:

  • Additional maintenance– Remaining repairs identified in the 2019 deck assessments will be addressed. The majority of work will be structural in nature and will occur in Eighth St. Deck, N Deck, Bowe St. Deck, West Broad St. Deck and West Cary St. Deck
  • LED lighting– In an effort to reduce energy consumption and maintain a well-lit environment for customers, we plan to equip all decks with LED lighting. This year, we will retrofit Bowe St. Deck.
  • Cameras–The department’s six-year plan includes a yearly allocation for camera installation throughout VCU’s 12 parking decks. These cameras will provide visual access to drive lanes and vehicles on all levels within decks. This year, installation is projected to be completed on West Main St. Deck and Eighth St. Deck. Should additional funding be available, we will include an added facility.

5. How are parking rates determined?

We forecast the annual costs for operations, lease agreements and maintenance and overhead and compare these figures against revenue to determine a price point that satisfies our revenue, expense and repair balances.

6. When will the rate increase take effect?

The FY2022-23 rate increase will take effect on July 1, 2022. For students, The fall 2022 student parking sales will reflect the increase in the fall 2022 student parking sales. VCU employee subscribers will see the increase reflected on their August 1, 2022, paycheck.

VCU Health System assumes any parking rate increases issued to permit holders by VCU Parking and Transportation until June 30, 2023.

7. Will this increase fund the GRTC program?

No; the increase in parking fees will not be used to fund the agreement with GRTC.  

8. Doesn’t the cost of what staff, faculty and students pay to park currently cover all departmental costs?

Yes; however, as operating and maintenance costs continue to increase, additional resources are needed to sustain parking operations.

9. How is the department funded?

VCU Parking and Transportation is a self-supporting unit. The department’s parking operations are funded by permit sales, pay-per-use revenue, and special event parking revenue. RamRide is funded through parking subscription revenue and a contribution from VCU Health System. RamSafe is funded by the university’s student use fee.

10. Do parking operations generate a profit for the department?

No, parking operations do not generate profits. 

11. Will there be an increase next year?

Each spring, we review and evaluate yearly operating costs as well as our ability to sustain services. As operational expenses rise yearly, permit cost increases are likely.

12. What other options do I have if I want to cancel my parking?

We launched “Reboot Your Commute,” an initiative designed to offer incentives for employees who commit to carpool or use alternative transportation to get to work. Reboot Your Commute consolidates resources offered through VCU, VCU Health System and GRTC to make it easy for subscribers to find the alternative transportation plan that’s right for them. Additionally, all employees who register receive 12 free daily parking passes each year to use at any VCU pay-as-you-go parking deck. Visit to view resources, plan your commute, register and calculate your savings.

In addition to the “Reboot Your Commute” program, we also offer several alternative options for the VCU community, including ZipCar and a partnership with GRTC for students and employees.  

13. What steps are VCU Parking and Transportation taking to ensure adequate parking is available for our growing campus?

As the university continues to expand its footprint, so does the need for parking and transportation services. We hired the services of a consultant firm to evaluate all aspects of the department, including parking demand, new parking sites, neighborhood parking concerns, transit operations, budgetary and business needs, and new/existing partnerships. 

We have since reviewed these findings and are working with leaders across the university and health system to develop solutions to increase parking availability and reduce parking demand. We have also hired an alternative transportation coordinator to coordinate all aspects of VCU’s alternative transportation system. In addition to strengthening our existing transportation options (Zimride, ZipCar, RamBikes), this individual will also develop strategies to expand the number of employees and students traveling via alternative means.

14. I have a concern regarding parking operations in my assigned facility; who can I contact?

For questions or concerns regarding our parking facilities, please contact us by email at or phone at 828-PARK (7275). We always welcome your feedback on how we can improve. Please reach out to us with your suggestions.

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