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PWP eLearning Course

Kevin Thorn of Nuggethead Studios developed this eLearning course through the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center via a grant by the CDC about Partners with Positive (PwP). PwP is a campaign by the CDC to gain awareness and educate those living with HIV. Presented in a custom-drawn graphic novel style, the course tells the story of two patients living with HIV and their journey toward a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Michelle Falter, Assistant Professor or English Education at North Carolina State University, shares her view on graphic novels:

The fact that they are multimodal (meaning multiple modes of expression are used) facilitates and supports students’ ability to visualize and understand complicated ideas, which is also a 21st century literacy skill. Secondly, because of the multimodality of the texts, they are manageable for students to read. It reduces the overall text load, therefore decreasing anxieties students might have regarding print-based reading. Third, they are relevant, engaging, and positive. It is easier for students to relate to a text when they can see it. It captures student interest in this increasingly visual world, which then also increases student motivation and desire to keep reading because they can be successful at it, therefore promoting a positive association to reading. Finally, graphic novels are cross-curricular; there are many connections that can be made across the curriculum in a variety of different subject matters.

Source:  Cult of Pedagogy

This course does not require registration and can be easily added to Blackboard.

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