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We couldn’t be more proud of our VCU School of Nursing alumni who are working all over the world to keep our community and families safe and healthy. One of the best things about pursuing a career in nursing is the versatility it provides. Tien Ma (B.S.‘10/Chem; B.S.‘12/N) currently works in a private outpatient family physician’s office, but hasn’t always! Upon graduating, Tien took the time to explore multiple health care settings in order to figure out her strengths as a nurse. 

Q. How has your VCU School of Nursing education prepared you for your work as a nurse, particularly in situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic? 

A. VCU gave me the foundation for important critical thinking skills, especially when making an assessment and evaluating the patient. In a situation like the current COVID-19 pandemic, I need to determine whether the patient’s symptoms are mild enough to self-quarantine at home or if the patient needs to be referred to the ED. 

Q.  What do you enjoy most about being a nurse? 

A. I enjoy educating and empowering patients to take part in improving their own health.

Q. Can you share any words of encouragement or advice to current and future nurses? 

A. Explore other areas of nursing that may interest you. I have friends who work in the field of aesthetics, home health, insurance doing chart reviews, telephone triage, etc. The nursing field is vast! When I graduated, I worked briefly in the hospital as a floor nurse and then transitioned to an outpatient free clinic and loved it. Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. NEVER assume. Ask lots of questions. Whether you are a new nurse or a seasoned one, learning never stops.

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