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Heather D. Pittard, RN (B.S. ’09/N), a Peace Corps computer teacher stationed in Mozambique in Southeast Africa, recently presented four workshops on sex education to about 250 high school juniors and seniors.

Though she was assigned to teach mathematics and computers for the Peace Corps, Pittard said she is always looking for opportunities to incorporate community health into her lessons. Since Mozambique has extremely high malaria and HIV/AIDS rates, Pittard said she created a lesson called “Avoiding Viruses,” where she compared HIV/AIDS with computer viruses. She stressed abstinence as the only 100% effective way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, just as not ever using a computer is the only 100% sure way to avoid computer viruses.

“I’m excited my creativity and nursing training are helping people no matter where I go!” Pittard said.

In addition to using her nursing background to deliver essential health workshops, Pittard answers various health-related questions for people, ranging from birth control methods to hydration.

Click here to read Pittard’s feature on the Peace Corps Mozambique Facebook page.

Heather Pittard
Heather Pittard
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