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Students from the University of Cordoba in Spain participated in patient simulation exercises in the Clinical Learning Center this week at the VCU School of Nursing. The students are visiting VCU for three weeks as part of an existing exchange program through VCU’s Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies. The relationship between the schools of nursing is the newest program and focuses on comparing nursing education and the primary health care systems in the U.S. and Spain.
In addition to shadowing VCU students in classroom and clinical activities at the School of Nursing and VCU Health System, the University of Cordoba students will also visit some of the sites of the school’s community outreach efforts, including the Cross-Over Clinic, the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club and the Mosby Resource Center. VCU students spent three weeks at the University of Cordoba in May through the exchange program.
The photo (from l to right) includes University of Cordoba students Isabel Maria Martin de Almagro Gazas, Marina Hermoso de Mendoza Ayuso, David Herrera Sanz and Irene Minano Fernandez in the simulation lab at the Clinical Learning Center.
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