The National Institute of Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health has awarded funding to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing for its P30 Center of Excellence in Biobehavioral Approaches to Symptom Management. This five-year award has as its major goals to:

  1. expand biobehavioral research capacity for scientists conducting nursing research by centralizing research resources and infrastructure for biobehavioral clinical research focused on symptom management;
  2. advance biobehavioral approaches for symptom management, including fatigue and its associated symptoms, in diverse populations;
  3. facilitate the development and expansion of biobehavioral programs of independent, investigator-initiated biobehavioral research that have a common theme of fatigue; and
  4. establish a mature environment of sustainable biobehavioral research in symptom management that is clinically focused and interdisciplinary in nature.

The Center scientists include Dr. Rita Pickler, Principal Investigator and Administrative Co-Director; Dr. Mary Jo Grap, Administrative Core Co-Director; Dr. Nancy McCain and Dr. Debra Lyon, Biobehavioral Science Co-Directors; Dr. Cindy Munro, Biobehavioral Measurement Core Director; and Dr. R.K. Elswick, Data Services and Analysis Core Director. Very importantly, the Center will support the work of several beginning investigators in the implementation of their research projects designed to explore the biobehavioral manifestations of fatigue in populations ranging from women with fibromyalgia, to women with breast cancer, to pregnant women, to women with risk for cardiometabolic illness, to individuals with sickle cell disease. The project directors for these innovative and clinically significant projects are Dr. Victoria Menzies, Dr. Jeanne Walter, Dr. Nancy Jallo, Dr. Jolynne Robins, and Dr. Suzanne Ameringer. Other School of Nursing personnel involved on the grant are Ms. Jeanette Acree, Ms. Lorraine Murphey, and Ms. Suzanne McGinnis. In addition to providing support for research projects, the Center will also provide support for the further development of research in the VCU School of Nursing, including hosting monthly Biobehavioral Symposia and monthly Share and Review Fora and supporting faculty and students in the development of their programs of research.

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