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In a long day, Drs. Langston and Pickler walked the old town in Bristol ending up the Royal Bristol Infirmary (hospital), a 300+ bed general hospital in old Bristol. It is one of the ‘trusts’ (aka institutions) that UWE has affiliations with and we saw their students there. Some of the infirmary is quite old — 1700’s! infirmary.jpg

However, the new Children’s Hospital next door (120 beds) is new and quite nice. brhospital.jpg
Their PICU looks just like ours. However, their nurses look and behave quite differently. We also went to a community health center in a very economically deprived area that is also home to many recent immigrants. We met an ‘advance practice’ nurse — rare indeed in the UK although something they are MOST interested in. Two of the staff (faculty) here are Americans and one is a UVa grad with FNP preparation from Georgetown. She and a colleague are teaching health assessment, skills the nurses here do not really ‘use.’ We also met with the researchers today and that was quite a lively conversation. There is definitely some room for collaboration — symptom clusters, acute care, mother-child. And we went to the Bolland lecture given by our own Dr. Trani on university-city relationships. It was very well received and has given the UWE folks much to think about.bridge.jpg

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