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I am happy to be home but at the same time especially glad I had the experience. My travels to South Africa have made an impact on me that I will take with me forever. I was able to intimately experience a health care system in another country, both the private and public sector.

I was welcomed into peoples homes that lived in a level of poverty that most in the U.S. can never imagine. I saw children living in conditions less than what I would expect for the treatment of my dog. Among all the sadness I viewed a strong sense of community among individuals and saw the twinkle of hope and joy among people. Everyone that I came in contact with showed a sense of happiness about life that you don’t see among people in the U.S. with millions. I found for myself the importance of being grateful for my health and wellbeing; to remember those that are less fortunate and am more thankful for the blessing’s I have. One of the things I am most grateful on my return was that I am lucky enough to be an American.

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