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Elayne’s blog about Chatty Clinic

Chatty Clinic, another government sponsored clinic that deals with primary care, mother infant, vaccinations, etc (no birthing, no suturing, emergencies are referred ASAP). This clinic sees 200+ patients/day on a busy day. Today was a little slower because it was cold and raining this a.m.

Becca’s blog #4

So on thursday night we went out with the south african students to a local bar and we had a blast. they had trivia night and we all divided into teams, and there were nine teams total (we were team america!) We ended up in third place which was pretty good because there were a […]

Britney’s, I mean Cortney’s blog

I would first like to tell you that I last left you with the dun dun dun…I am going bungee jumping…will I return. Obviously I did. It was the tallest bridge in the world and I did it. It was amazing. I have a DVD and everyone will watch it. You will have no excuses […]

Woman washing clothes

Becca’s blogging about the week

Everyday is jammed pack with things for us to do and we get up so early everyday to do these things that when we are done in the evening we just want to go to bed. So i left off on Saturday when we went to Tsitsikamma. It was absolutely beautiful!! It was in mountains […]

A visit to Motherwell Clinic — Elayne’s blog

Yesterday & today Janel & I went to Motherwell Clinic. This is a state run clinic (last week’s clinic experience was a municipal (city) run clinic, at least I think that is the way it goes.) Here they have all services and are open 24 hours to deliver babies, treat stabbings, shootings, asthma attacks, etc; […]

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