I don’t have a lot of time to write this message so i’ll just give you the basics.
On monday night we went out to dinner and i had kudu, escargot, and creme brule.
On tuesday we went to the clinics and i went on a tour of the clinic and then worked in the VCT which is where they test patients for HIV and give them counseling for it. That night we went to a faculty member’s house for dinner and we mingled with all the teachers of NMMU. They served some really good soups.

On wednesday we went on a home visit and my patient had TB and wasn’t taking her medication because she was using the money to buy alcohol so there was some heated conversations going on between her and her family so it was a good learning experience. That night we all went to the Kareoke bar and we had the most fun i think i have ever had!!
On thursday it was women’s day so we had the whole day off. we went to the craft market and had mcdonalds (it was heavenly) and then that night we went back to the bar that we went to last week where they play trivia. and team america won 1st place!!! It was pretty cool, but they asked a lot of american questions. Then we went back to the kareoke bar and had some more fun!
On friday we were supposed to go whale watching in the morning but the boat was being used to transport sick people off some island so we went to the mall instead. I bought a cute clutch and a nice shirt for the kareoke bar this thursday! Then that afternoon we were able to go whale watching and we had a lot of fun on the boat ride.
On saturday we went to the elephant park and on another safari and this one was really nice. They had this huge lunch and dinner for us and our tour guide was a lot of fun. We also got to get right next to the lions and get some great pictures. We also went on a night safari to see the nocturnal animals.
Today is another free day and we are going to the craft market for the last of our gifts. Then tonight we are going to a live jazz club and that should be good. On wednesday we have been offered an opportunity to work on the labor and delivery ward for the night shift and catch babies all day. I’m not sure if it’s going to work out but i hope it does because i’m excited to deliver babies. Becca

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