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Tammy Cauthorne-Burnette has served as both a preceptor and an adjunct faculty member for many years in the School of Nursing. For years she has been a preceptor for students in the family health concentration. In this role, she has encouraged, taught, supported, and challenged numerous students at her practice site in Montpelier Virginia. In addition, Ms. Cauthorne-Burnette has been and adjunct faculty member for many years in NURS 511 where she challenges all students to think about the process of health assessment. Her skillful and persistent work with the students in this critically important course is one of the reasons students are able to be successful in subsequent clinical courses. Ms. Cauthorne-Burnette has also been the adjunct faculty member responsible for almost every section of NURS 684, Family Practicum for over five years. She is an excellent faculty member in this course. She sets very high standards for her students and yet, her encouragement and support for them as they work at synthesizing all that they have learned in their program of study means that almost all students are able to successfully achieve their goals. This faculty member/preceptor is one of the most exquisite clinicians associated with the school, one whose reputation in clinical circles is well known. The School of Nursing is honored to have Ms. Cauthorne-Burnette on our faculty, participating in the education of our students.
Congratulations to Ms. Cauthorne-Burnette for being chosen to receive this honor by faculty!

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