The VCU Health Lactation Committee annually recognizes individuals who champion, support, promote and protect breastfeeding, acknowledging the role it plays in improving the health and survival of families and children. Empowering parents and ensuring their rights requires advocating for policies, legislation, parent-friendly workplaces and gender-equitable social norms. 

For 2021-2022, Research and Education Librarian and Liaison to VCU School of Nursing and VCU Health Nursing, Roy Brown, MSLS, was identified as a VCU Health Breastfeeding Champion based on his continual support of promoting and protecting the rights of parents to breastfeed. Brown accomplished this by regularly responding to inquiries for the latest evidence related to breastfeeding and continuing to survey the literature to identify and share the latest evidence with health care practitioners at VCU Health.  

When asked about why he is passionate about this work, Brown said that “breastfeeding is key to ensuring the health of newborns and is something that my wife and I chose to do for our kids. Supporting practitioners who support those who are trying to or are breastfeeding is a very rewarding part of my job.”

His dedication to supporting those involved breastfeeding and breastfeeding awareness is demonstrated in his recent research work assisting VCU Health Nurse Clinician Valerie Colemen, RN, MSN and Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Associate Professor, Gauri Gulati, MD as they updated a chapter for the forthcoming 13th edition of Maternity and Women’s Health Care by Lowdermilk, Cashion, Perry, Alden and Olshansky which should be published later this year. This research process was intensive, and Brown was involved in assisting the authors with uncovering the latest evidence related to various aspects of breastfeeding. The book they updated is Maternity and Women’s Health Care, 12th Edition (current version, 13th edition not published). 

Coleman and Gulati spoke highly of Brown’s work in their letter of appreciation for his efforts: 

“This was a two-year effort, and our first step was to engage Roy to help us review and interpret the guidelines and updated changes in the publishing process. His invaluable attention to detail contributed to our success. He consistently forwarded ongoing latest research and best practice journal articles and was a motivating force. He had his finger on the pulse and helped us undertake every task with the utmost diligence.”  

“Roy was so impressive with his commitment and outstanding dedication. I have nothing but positive things to say about him and the experience,” wrote Coleman and Gulati in a letter of appreciation. “We wholeheartedly commend Roy for creating a culture that supports interdisciplinary scholarly efforts. Words fall short praising the years of hard work. He is an inspiration, and it is our privilege to have him as a colleague.”

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