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While Zoom (previously best known as a children’s TV show on PBS) has taken on a new meaning to many during the COVD-19 pandemic, VCU Libraries has made good use of the Zoom platform to keep the Friends of VCU Libraries engaged and active while so many of us are at home for safe sheltering from the virus. Fall 2020 was like no previous semester at VCU with the majority of students living off campus and taking classes virtually and while VCU Libraries was open, we opted not to hold any in person lectures or events.

Descriptions and links to recording of the semester’s events can be found here:

Sept. 17: Nursing History: Virginia Style, Led by Jodi Koste
VCU’s and Virginia’s strong nursing education and practice reach back into the 19th century, when a substantial medical infrastructure was needed to accommodate casualties of war and the needs of a rapidly growing state. In this session, Jodi Koste, archivist and head of Tompkins-McCaw Library Special Collections and Archives, explores the history of Virginia nursing from its roots to the present day.

Oct. 7: What’s Everyone Reading? Part 2, Led by Kelly Gotschalk and Gregory Kimbrell
The previous “What’s Everyone Reading?” session at the start of the summer was a hit with attendees. Now that fall is here, it’s time for a second installment. Friends of VCU Libraries members lead a roundtable about personal reading. Attendees are invited to share about books they’re reading, have recently read, or are planning to tackle in the coming months.

Nov. 12: The Politics of Annexation: Oligarchic Power in a Southern City, Hosted by Murtaza Khan, presentation by John Moeser, PhD and Rutledge Dennis, PhD
Originally published in 1982, the book The Politics of Annexation explores the annexation of suburban areas by cities for tax, political and even racial purposes. In particular, it looks at Richmond’s racially motivated annexation of a part of Chesterfield that continues to shape regional politics. More relevant than ever, the book has been reprinted through a partnership of VCU Libraries and the University of Richmond Libraries in a new free, digital edition.

Dec. 3: Resiliency Gardens: Making a Difference Through Urban Farming, Hosted by Ashley Kistler, presentation by Duron Chavis
Duron Chavis, manager of community outreach for Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and member of the Friends of VCU Libraries Board, has transformed the asphalt parking lot beside the Institute for Contemporary Art into a resiliency garden. The garden is intended to help create a culture of urban farming and inspire city residents to make positive environmental and social change. In this session of VCU Libraries Community Zooms, Chavis discusses the vision for his project.

Coming up: Dec. 17: What’s Everyone Reading? Holiday Edition, Led by Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books

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