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Investigator Responsibilities Regarding COVID during the VCU Winter Closure

Dear Members of the VCU Research Community, As we approach the VCU Winter Closure, the HRPP and IRB would like to thank the research community for their collaboration with us this year. We faced some new challenges, and we are proud that we worked together to facilitate research that benefits our patients, students, and community. […]

IRB Mythbusters – Conducting Research During COVID-19

The VCU Human Research Protection Program presents IRB Mythbusters — a periodic newsletter clarifying common misconceptions about conducting human research and the IRB!  In this issue, “myths” surrounding conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic are addressed. Access previous editions of IRB Mythbusters by visiting the “mythbusters” tag on our blog. MYTH #1:  All electronic consent […]

VCUHS Guidance Available for Return to Research

The VCU HRPP would like to inform the VCU research community about guidance from VCUHS regarding infection prevention, PPE and cleaning/disinfecting protocols for VCUHS return to research. The guidance can be accessed on the One VCU Clinical Research Blog. Investigators are reminded that they are not required to submit amendments to their IRB submissions in […]

Update: Revised R2R Guidance Available

The VCU Human Research Protection Program would like to inform the VCU research community of an update to the HRPP’s Phased Return to Research (R2R) guidance. Minor clarifications were made to both the “Investigator Responsibilities to the IRB During the R2R” document and the “Supplemental Flowchart for Investigator Responsibilities During the R2R” document, to clarify […]

ACTION REQUIRED: Human Research Tiering Documentation

In order to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 in human research, VCU OVPRI has implemented a Tiering system to stratify research projects based on the potential benefit to participants and the types of interactions involved in the study. This Tiering system provides critical context to the IRB’s review of research, so it is of utmost […]

Updated Resource Page for COVID-19 and Human Research

The VCU Human Research Protection Program would like to inform the VCU research community about an updated resource on how COVID-19 is impacting human research conducted at VCU. The VCU HRPP recognizes that in the first few weeks of VCU’s COVID-19 response, information came out rapidly and updates were made frequently, and this updated resource […]

Virtual RAMS Mini-Forum 04/16: COVID-19 and Human Research

Join us for another VIRTUAL RAMS MINI-FORUM CO-SPONSORED BY THE RESEARCH AND LEGAL, AUDIT, AND COMPLIANCE CAREER COMMUNITIES AND OVPRI COVID-19 and Human Research: Requirements and Considerations The VCU Human Research Protection Program will provide information to help you navigate conducting human research during the COVID-19 crisis period. Learning objectives include understanding the tiering system […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Human Subject Research – Important Additional Guidelines and Update

IMPORTANT:  Please read this announcement (issued 3/23/20) from Dr. Srirama Rao, Vice President for Research and Innovation, and Dr. Peter Buckley, Interim CEO, VCU Health System, Interim Senior Vice President, VCU Health Sciences, Dean, VCU School of Medicine, regarding important additional guidelines and updates related to human subjects research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tier 1/ Tier 2 […]

COVID-19 and Human Research: FAQs

The VCU HRPP has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document addressing common questions from investigators about the impact of COVID-19 on human research. Below is a table of contents listing all the questions addressed in the document. Simply click on a question, and you will be taken directly to the corresponding answer within the […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Pause to In-Person Interactions For Studies With Little/No Health Benefits

Please see the announcement below from the Vice President for Research and Innovation, Dr. Sriram Rao. Please continue to monitor the OVPRI COVID-19 Website and this blog for updates on COVID-19 impacts on human research. If you have questions about how this guidance affects your research, please contact the IRB Coordinator assigned to your study. […]