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PLEASE NOTE: Updated links to Protocol Templates provided 8/30/2023

Protocol templates are required for use effective today, June 1, 2023. New IRB submissions that do not contain a protocol will be returned to the researcher after today. If the IRB submission does not have a protocol provided by the sponsor, the use of HRP-503 or HRP-503a protocol template will be required. If the submission has a protocol supplied by the sponsor, the use of HRP-508, Site Supplement to the Sponsor Protocol, will be required. Links to the protocols are below:

Also, the RAMS-IRB updates to reduce duplication between the submission SmartForm and protocol are NOW LIVE. 

Please note: The new e-IRB system will be on-boarding and deployed by the end of the year. 

Questions and requests for additional consultation regarding new protocol templates are welcome. Please contact Tom Bechert of the Huron Team via or the HRPP Office at Learn more about the VCU HRPP’s protocol templates here.

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