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The VCU Human Research Protection Program is dedicated to facilitating ethically and scientifically sound research through robust review of research projects and through effective education and outreach to the VCU research community.

The VCU HRPP would like to draw the research community’s attention to a new resource made available by the NIH, on the topic of informed consent considerations for secondary research with data and specimens.

This resource addresses only consent for the storage and sharing of data and biospecimens collected during a primary research protocol, for the purposes of future secondary research. It does not address collection, storage, or sharing of data or biospecimens initially obtained in a non-research context, for example, collected during the course of clinical care. The resource provides points to consider and sample language for informed consent documents of research studies which plan to store and share data and/or biospecimens for future use.

You can follow this direct link to the PDF guidance document. Or, the document can be located on this NIH guidance page.

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