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This RAMS Gif Guide is intended for IRB members who wish to locate a history of the meetings they have attended. This may be important for tracking performance and ensuring that you have attended enough meetings to satisfy the requirements for being an IRB member.

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Select the IRB Committee Member Role

As an IRB member, you likely have multiple “roles” in RAMS-IRB, especially if you are both an IRB member and a researcher yourself. The first step in accessing your meeting attendance history in RAMS-IRB is to ensure that your “role” is set to “IRB Committee Member.” Under the “My Roles” menu, select “IRB Committee Member.”

Select the “Home” Tab

The next step is to ensure that the “home” tab is selected from the tabs across the top of the page. This tab is selected by default.

Select the “My Meeting Attendance” Tab

The “Inbox” tab from the tabs across the middle of the screen will be selected by default. To navigate to your meeting attendance history, select the last tab, which is called the “My Meeting Attendance” tab. Your meeting attendance, organized by meetings confirmed and meetings declined, will then display under that tab.

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