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The VCU Human Research Protection Program is dedicated to facilitating ethically and scientifically sound research through robust review of research projects and through effective education and outreach to the VCU research community.

The VCU HRPP would like to inform the VCU research community about guidance from VCUHS regarding infection prevention, PPE and cleaning/disinfecting protocols for VCUHS return to research.

The guidance can be accessed on the One VCU Clinical Research Blog.

Investigators are reminded that they are not required to submit amendments to their IRB submissions in order to adopt these infection prevention, PPE, and cleaning/disinfecting protocols in their research. These are institutional standards and the IRB will assume that all researchers are following these basic protocols. Any procedures that will go above and beyond these baseline standards, or any changes to research procedures that are unrelated to infection prevention, PPE, and cleaning/disinfecting protocols would need to be submitted in an amendment.

For more guidance regarding the return to research for human subjects research, visit the OVPRI R2R website.

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