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How to be calm in the midst of a storm

1.) Slow down and simplify. Feelings of being overwhelmed and frazzled are common, especially during the holidays. We get accustomed to juggling a million balls at once that we don’t notice the signs that we’ve taken on too much. Take a moment to figure out what activities enrich and feed you and address those first. Try this 15- minute meditation to cultivate equanimity and once you’re feeling recharged and reinvigorated, you might then be able to add a few more things to your to-do list.

2.) Unplug your mind. When it comes to technology, we can typically tell when we’ve had too much and need to disconnect. Although when it comes to our mind, it can be difficult to pinpoint when we need to unplug. However, taking a break can have positive impacts, even if it’s for a couple of minutes.

3.) Discover balance. While the holidays might seem like a good time to remember to take a moment to catch our breath, we can make ‘balance’ a habit. A habit we can lean on when things get difficult. Try this practice to incorporate balance in your life and learn how to find moments of peace and calm during overwhelming chaos.

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