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As a Forensic Scientist – DNA you will perform independent casework in the DNA discipline which meets the quality standards of the Division. This includes accurate and timely analysis of evidence according to Division policies and procedures as well as processing two external proficiency tests per year, one in the first half of the year and one in the second half of the year. You will prepare and maintain accurate records, laboratory notes, and analytical reports to conform to accreditation standards, Division policies and procedures and court-required procedures while maintaining individual productivity at a level consistent with Division standards. You will manage your assigned caseload, including appropriate and timely communication with law enforcement partners, as well as providing accurate court testimony and qualifying results, conclusions, and opinions appropriately so their significance is understood.

The Forensic Scientist – DNA receives and provides training related to assigned duties.  You will maintain expertise in forensic DNA analysis through continuing education, career advancement training and training in newly implemented DNA technology, including reading and review of current technical literature, membership/participation in professional organizations, and personal communications with other forensic experts.


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