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CLOSING: 4/7/22

The Nebraska State Patrol is developing a list of qualified candidates to fill a Forensic Scientist I, II, or III opening in the Databank Section of the Biology Unit as determined by previous experience. 

The Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory has been accredited since 2004, and is located in Lincoln, NE. We provide services to law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Nebraska. We welcome applications from interested forensic scientists with previous experience in any type of forensic DNA analysis.

Examples of Work

Verify convicted offender and registered sex offender DNA sample eligibility per State Statutes and may assist with checking samples into a Laboratory Information Management System. Perform DNA analysis (extraction, quantification, amplification, STR fragment separation, data analysis) and upload the resulting DNA profiles into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Evaluate and issue DNA database hit notifications to law enforcement agencies and other NDIS-participating laboratories.

REQUIREMENTS:  FSI- Bachelor’s degree in the fields of physical science, natural science, forensic science, criminalistics, or other relevant fields where specific scientific coursework in job related specialties have been completed.  OTHER: Applicants must fulfill the requirements for a DNA analyst as listed in the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic Database Laboratories, which require the successful completion of coursework in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and statistics and/or population genetics. 

A recent VCU alum is working with this agency so let us know if you’d like to get in touch with her about the position.

For more information, see State Patrol Forensic Scientist

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