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This position involves performing independent chemical analysis of suspected controlled
substances, ignitable liquids and other related substances of a forensic nature. Analyses are
performed using microscopic, chemical and instrumental methods to isolate and identify chemical
substances in forensic casework. The Chemist additionally provides expert testimony regarding
their data analysis, interpretation and conclusions issued in a written report.

Performs routine and complex analyses on chemical substances submitted in criminal
• Compiles and interprets data generated from analytical instruments
• Maintains detailed documentation of all analysis and authors official reports of all
• Provides detailed explanations while testifying regarding methods of analysis performed
and results obtained
• Testifies in court as an expert witness on laboratory results, policies and procedures.
• Performs technical and administrative reviews of other analysts work
• Performs maintenance and minor repairs of analytical instrumentation as required
• Participates in an approved proficiency testing program in each area of competency

Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Forensic Science, or other closely related
physical or natural science from an accredited university. A Master’s degree is preferred.*
• Must have professional knowledge of chemical principles, theories and established
analytical methodology, including statistical reasoning to support conclusions

If interested in this position, please forward a copy of relevant transcripts to the address below for
review. For additional information regarding the requirements of this position and/or how to apply
please contact:

Lesley Perrone, Laboratory Director
4602 Kirby Loop Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34981-5342

Visit for more information about this parent agency.

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