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Application deadline: Feb 16

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is currently seeking multiple public minded individuals for a Forensic Scientist vacancy in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Section within the DNA unit of the London and Richfield Laboratories.  This position will report to the lab every day.

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Under administrative supervision, conducts tests on criminal evidence for DNA analysis (i.e., blood, semen and other body fluids & tissues).
  • Collects, assists or advises in collection and preparation of evidence.
  • Uses and interprets results from appropriate lab instrumentation.
  • Makes conclusions and formulates opinions based on examinations performed.
  • Prepares accurate reports for use by law enforcement officials and courts.
  • Confers with law enforcement officials (e.g., police, deputies, investigators, courts) regarding examinations performed and conclusions reached.
  • Testifies in court concerning evidence examined and analyses performed.


Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree in a chemical, physical, biology, or forensic science is required. The bachelor’s degree and course content must meet the academic requirements of the laboratory’s accrediting body.  Coursework in Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Statistics/Population Genetics is required.  For courses without these exact titles, the course syllabus or a letter from an instructor may be required.

For more information, see Forensic Scientist

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