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Application deadline: Feb 16

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is currently seeking multiple public minded individuals for Forensic Science Laboratory Technician 2 vacancies in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Section within the London, Richfield, and Bowling Green Laboratories.  This position will report to the lab every day. 

The duties for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Operates the Brass Trax/Matchpoint (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network NIBIN) system.
  • Receives and manages evidence for entry into the NIBIN system.
  • Makes firearms safe for laboratory staff to handle/examine.
  • Performs cursory examination of cartridge case evidence to determine best evidence for NIBIN entry.
  • Maintains all records relating to NIBIN (including casework documentation, data
    for confirmed hits and acquisitions, monthly statistics reported to the ATF, etc.).


  • Performs cursory examination of biological evidence to determine best evidence for DNA analysis.
  • Maintains all records relating to evidence examination.
  • Performs DNA extraction.
  • Maintains proficiency in sampling and extraction methods.
  • Testifies in court related to the examination of evidence.

Drug Chemistry

  • Performs routine maintenance on instruments used for controlled substance analysis.
  • Maintains all records relating to maintenance performed and maintains drug standard inventory records.


Completion of undergraduate core program in physical or biological sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics, forensics) which includes coursework that required scientific laboratory testing

For more information, see Forensic Science Lab Tech 2

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