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What to expect… 

  • Interact with a diverse population of high-achieving scholars and fellow staff from around the US and abroad 
  • Travel by air or motor coach to a program sites in the Washington, D.C. area 
  • As residential positions, housing and most meals are provided in dorms or conference centers 
  • Anticipate being “on call”/available 24/7, though working hours will typically be from approximately 7am-11pm 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all scholars 
  • Prepare scholars for each day’s activities 
  • Effectively deliver 8 – 10 hours of curriculum according to lesson plans provided daily 
  • Serve as a positive leader, mentor, and role model for all program participants 

Advisor Qualifications 

  • Knowledge and experience within the fields of law or forensic science 
  • Bachelor’s level education or current student; Master’s or higher is preferred 
  • Preferred area of study either being Pre-Law, Political Science or Forensic Science 
  • For Law & CSI – mock trial experience is preferred and/or knowledge about different aspects of crime scene investigation 
  • Previous experience/internship working in a Law firm, Police Department, Criminal Justice Field, or Forensic Science Field 
  • Previous experience working with high school students 

For more information & to apply, see here.

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