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As a public service in support of colleges and universities the Virginia Beach Police Department
Forensic Services Unit provides unpaid internship opportunities to college students pursuing
forensic science related courses.

An internship with the Forensic Services Unit is offered every summer with the Crime Scene Section of the
Forensics Unit. Applications will be accepted year-round and will be reviewed in January prior to the internship.
Typically, an interview will be set up for qualified candidates. Notification of selection status will be made to all
applicants by the end of January.

The following criteria must be met to be considered for an internship with FSU:

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
Applicant must be enrolled in a degree-granting institution of higher education in forensic science, science,
criminal justice, or closely related coursework
(preference will be given to applicants in which an internship is a component of their degree requirements.
Additional preference will be given to applicants requiring a thesis or similar project for their studies)

In addition to standard application documents please provide the following items:

A cover letter
A resume/curriculum vitae
One letter of recommendation
An attachment with answers to the following questions: (500 word max for each question)
-Why are you interested in an internship in crime scene investigation?
-How is crime scene investigation (or latent fingerprint examination) different than
other fields of forensic science?
-What projects would you like to complete while interning?
-Any additional information about your internship requirements for your degree

Please email Taylor Peters at with your resume/curriculum vitae/cover letter
and attachment of answers to the above questions prior to submitting an application.

For more information and to find the official application

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