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The S.C. Law Enforcement Division is searching to fill 9 DNA Analyst/Criminalist positions in our Forensic Services – DNA Casework Department. The candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, integrity, and a basic understanding of scientific principles involved in DNA and Serology analysis.General Responsibility:
Serve as a DNA Analyst/Criminalist in SLED’s Forensic Services-DNA Casework department and conduct serological and DNA analysis on evidence submitted to SLED.

Specific Duties:
Evaluate case information, identify biological evidence and perform all aspects of serological and DNA analysis using defined protocols. Interpret results of these analyses and prepare a formal written report. Demonstrate considerable knowledge of laboratory techniques and interpretation of DNA results and ability to provide guidance for other analysts regarding case analysis.

Receive evidence from law enforcement agencies. Maintain complete and proper chain of custody for all evidence taken into employee’s custody.¬†Properly document and preserve evidence for potential further testing.


Must have a Bachelor’s degree in a biological, chemical, or forensic science from an accredited college/university.

Must have received credits in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and statistics.

Must successfully complete a prescribed legal training course at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and obtain certification as a Class III Law Enforcement Officer.

Must have thorough understanding of the underlying science of Forensic DNA analysis and a working knowledge of computers.

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