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SNA International, a world leader in forensics, biometrics, and identity intelligence, is currently looking for
a bright, collaborative Forensic DNA Technician with a strong work ethic to join our team. SNA
International’s team works together in pursuit of the same cause: to build a safe and just world by
empowering organizations in the use of forensics, biometrics, and identity intelligence.
Qualified candidates will utilize a minimum of autosomal short tandem repeat (auSTR), Y-Chromosomal
short tandem period (Y-STR), and mitochondrial DNA sequencing (Sanger sequencing and next
generation sequencing of mtDNA) to process various tissues and fluids supporting the Armed Forces
Medical Examiner to develop and maintain family member database, to support casualty affairs offices,
and to provide family reference collection support at Defense POW-MIA Accounting Agency hosted family
member updates.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirement
• Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science, Biology, or Chemistry is desired or Bachelor’s degree in
related field
• Have the ability to work independently on multiple tasks with minimal supervision.
• Possess personality traits and professionalism necessary to maintain team cohesion and to set a
good working example.

For more information, see DNA Technician.

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