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PAE is currently seeking a qualified candidate to serve as a Remote Forensic Analyst. This position will be responsible for assisting the DOJ ICITAP Forensics with performing program specific research and coordination on forensic-funded programs; managing forensic conferences; creating weekly forensic huddle notes, monthly webinars, and annual symposiums; and coordination global and regional virtual training sessions.


  • Conduct literature reviews and other research related to technological solutions and program countries
  • Provide administrative support of in-country program activities
  • Coordinate of foreign participation at forensic conferences
  • Assist in the implementation of forensic communications strategy including:
    • Weekly forensic huddle
    • Monthly webinar
    • Annual symposium
  • Coordinate global/regional virtual training
  • Must be able to travel at least 10% of the time
  • Other duties as assigned and commiserate with pay


  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree in forensic science
  • Must be conversationally fluent in written/spoken Spanish
  • Must be proficient in MS suite
  • Ability to work from home office without interruption or distraction.

For more information, see Remote Forensic Analyst.

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