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DCLS is currently recruiting for a Scientist within the Metals laboratory. The Metals laboratory performs routine and emergency testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation and analyzes drinking water, environmental water, air, fish tissues, sediments, fertilizer, and feed samples for heavy metals and chemical agents. Laboratory testing supports investigations and surveillance studies related to the environment and public water supplies.

All potential candidate’s must posses the following minimum qualifications:

  • B.S. in the Life Sciences or related field or equivalent combination of training and experience and must meet the educational and work experience requirements for laboratory personnel as defined by the appropriate accrediting agency (i.e. CLIA, NELAC, ISO 17025, AIHA, etc).
  • Knowledge of laboratory safety practices for the handling of chemical, microbiological, infectious or toxic materials, as applicable.
  • Considerable knowledge of the theory and application of chemical, and/or microbiological analytical principles.
  • Ability to independently perform complex routine and emergency analyses. Ability to troubleshoot complex laboratory instrumentation and analytical methods.
  • Ability to perform and document QA and QC procedures and interpret QC data/results.
  • For more information, see Scientist l.

When applying:

• Be sure to list ALL of your experience on the state application
• Make sure all required and preferred qualifications from the posting are addressed
in your application
• Provide examples or details of how you possess the knowledge, skill or ability
required and even how many years of experience you have
• Check your application for completeness and accuracy
• Typos and grammatical mistakes send up a RED flag to many reviewers
• Be sure to add additional certifications or qualifications even if the job posting does
not require this information
• Contact HR if you have any questions about completing the application
• FINALLY, ask a colleague or friend to review/proofread your application before it is

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