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The work involves responsibility for collecting evidence, performing scientific testing and analyses of unknown biological substances and
evidentiary material required in criminal and civil investigations and autopsies, preparation and presentation of findings in written reports and serving as an expert witness in court. Under the direct supervision of the Senior Forensic Criminalist, the Forensic Scientist I (Biology) will receive extensive on the job training in the specialized areas of forensic biology and DNA analysis.


Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a natural science, forensic science,
criminalistics or a closely related field which must include or be supplemented by a minimum of nine (9) semester or equivalent hours of coursework*
(graduate/undergraduate) covering the following subject areas: biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, or other subjects which provide a basic understanding of the foundation of forensic DNA analysis and one (1) of thefollowing:

Successful completion of an internship with a minimum of 100 hours in a Forensic Laboratory; OR
Employment in a technical position in a Forensic Laboratory for six (6)
months within the last five (5) years

For more information see, Forensic Biologist I

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