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Closing Date: 2/10/21

About the Position: You will serve as a chemist assigned to the Trace Evidence Division of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) at the Defense Forensic Science Center (DFSC). USACIL provides evidence examination, expert court testimony, consultation, crime scene support, forensic training, and research and development in support of the criminal investigation and legal agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal and non-federal agencies worldwide.


  • Independently examine for the purpose of identifying, quantifying, and/or comparing physical evidence.
  • Interprets and evaluates the results of the examinations performed and prepares formal, comprehensive laboratory reports of analyses which, based on the results, are suitable for use in legal proceedings.
  • Assumes direct personal responsibility for the technical accuracy and adequacy of the product.
  • Testify in federal, military, state, local and foreign country courts as an expert witness.
  • Accompany investigative personnel and act as a technical advisor during the processing of complex crime scenes.
  • Distribute information via personal communications, formal oral presentations, position papers, newsletters, and training classes.

ducation required: To qualify as a Chemist (Forensic Examiner), applicants must meet certain education requirements. Education requirements can be met in the following ways:

Degree in physical sciences, life sciences or engineering that included 30 semester hours in chemistry, supplemented by course work in mathematics through differential and integral calculus and at least six semester hours of physics.

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