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Open for Recruitment: December 7, 2020 to December 30, 2020
Rate of pay: $27.36 to $39.15 per hour. This position does not provide benefits.

 A Forensic Scientist 2 must hold a baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral degree in a physical or biological science from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution
o A copy of the college transcript (including specific required coursework) and proof of graduation for all personnel with education requirements listed in the MQ specialties section must be provided to ISPFS. Successful completion of a course means a college or university defined passing grade.
 Two (2) years of qualifying work experience in the specified discipline. Qualifying work experience includes:
o Working independently, planning, managing, and prioritizing caseloads or individual characteristic database samples (as applicable), successfully engaging in independent research, evaluation, and validation activities
o Performing and documenting a range of examinations regarding forensic evidence
o Providing training and consultation services to professional criminal justice and scientific audiences
o Testifying as an expert regarding the forensic examinations performed in the specified discipline.

How to Apply: Email your detailed curriculum vitae (CV) and an unofficial copy of your transcripts by December 30, 2020 to with the subject line of: FS2 Firearms /
Tool Mark. CV’s received without accompanying transcripts will not be considered. If a candidate receives a conditional offer of employment, sealed transcripts will then be required. If you have any experience in these areas, please include it within your CV:
 Experience working as a scientist in a professional laboratory environment, preferably a forensic laboratory, or experience performing independent study/research activities.
 Work study or internship experience in a forensic laboratory.
 Certification with the ABC, ABFT, AFTE or IAI.
 Bachelor of Science or an advanced degree in chemistry.

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