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Entry level position and the link is below. 

Performs routine tests such as biological, chemical, histological, or hematological, using laboratory apparatus and testing equipment and following standardized procedures to provide data for use in research or scientific experiments; Collects human specimens such as blood and tissue samples for use in tests and analyses; Operates laboratory equipment such as microscopes, counters and spectrophotometers for laboratory tests and research or scientific experiments; Maintains the cleanliness and safety of laboratory according to established standards and procedures utilizing procedures such as disposing of contaminants, washing and sterilizing glassware and inspecting temperature control equipment; Gives instructions to individuals and groups concerning laboratory techniques and use of equipment and responds to inquiries from the public, other agencies and private industries on such matters as laboratory test results, normal test ranges, appropriate tests or collection of samples; Maintains records on such matters as tests performed, test results, methods, materials and procedures used, and inventory records; Prepares reports concerning such matters and test results and quality control, in order to provide data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease or for research and scientific experiments; Performs related duties such as assigning numbers or codes to samples or specimens for identification purposes; accession and maintaining submitted drugs and other evidence for disposition; duties may include categorizing, filing, compiling and/or providing copies of records, journals, manuals and reference books; and reading pertinent published materials to keep abreast of developments in the field.

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