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Closing Date: Aug 17, 2020, 11:59 PM


The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is seeking an experienced professional for a Forensic Scientist vacancy in the DNA Unit of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)/London Section. The successful candidate will examine and identify controlled substances. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

-Under administrative supervision, conducts tests on criminal evidence for DNA analysis (i.e., blood, semen and other body fluids & tissues).
-Collects, assists or advises in collection and preparation of evidence.
-Uses and interprets results from appropriate lab instrumentation.
-Makes conclusions and formulates opinions based on examinations performed.
-Prepares accurate reports for use by law enforcement officials and courts.
-Confers with law enforcement officials (e.g., police, deputies, investigators, courts) regarding examinations performed and conclusions reached;
 -Testifies in court concerning evidence examined and analyses performed.
-Formulates and implements training activities:  advises other employees and law enforcement agencies on topics of analysis, court testimony, interpretation of results and reports, etc.
-Assists or directs investigators with evidence collection.
-Gives lectures to community groups.
-Keeps current with improved or new methods:  researches and interprets literature on analytical methods; develops new methods and maintains professional liaisons with colleagues in DNA testing and research.
-Performs related miscellaneous lab duties:  performs photographic tasks; maintains equipment and work area; prepares reagents and other processing chemicals; any other related duties as assigned.



Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree in a chemical, physical, or biology science or forensic science. The bachelor’s degree and course content must meet the academic requirements of the the laboratory’s accrediting body.

Position Specific Minimum Qualifications:

Coursework in Genetics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology

Coursework in Statistics or Population Genetics


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